Watch Stephen’s discussion with Greg Jackson of Metro City Realty. Listen as Greg talks about how, through Outsourcing, he was able to get a high-quality output with an outsourced employee for less than 20,000 AUD, and how his Outsourced staff's marvelous work contributed to his Real Estate Business.

Greg's goal was to make his Real Estate team better. He believes that to be more efficient, one has to learn how to delegate tasks to refrain from being snowed under.

Gain aninsight on how Real Estate Outsourcing can help you, your staff and your company as Greg recites various tasks done by his VA, from lease renewals to proof reading for grammatical errors on ads and scripts.

“Stephen Atcheler talks to Greg Jackson of Metro City Realty about Real Estate Outsourcing.”

Transcript - Stephen Atcheler & Greg Jackson

Stephen: So, here’s another segment of shooting the shit about real estate outsourcing. Today I’m speaking to my first boss at real estate ever, who luckily took me on and I was very thankful on that, Greg Jackson from Metro City Realty in Brisbane.How you doing, Greg?

Greg: Very good. Thanks, Stephen.

Stephen: Why did you take me on real estate? Good decision? Bad decision?

Greg: Oh Great decision. You had the gruntI think,or whatever you wanna call it to make it work in real estate that most people didn’t seem to have that grunt that you have.

Stephen: Awesome. That is a nice thing to say. Only it’s because you’re on camera. So obviously we kept in touch and then you saw that I was doing the outsourcing thing over in the Philippines and we spoke about it a little bit, and you’ve jump on with your Property Management Department initially. What was it that you sort of found attractive about Outsourcing? Or made you sort of think that it is something that you have to do for your future?

Greg: Well I supposed as far as I’m concern paying a high-quality employee something less than 20,000 Dollars Australian has to be a no-brainer.

If I could find them valuable work to do in my office from overseas, and so that’s probably the biggest challenge, finding them plenty of work to do, but using the program you introduced me to Trello, it’s been a pretty easy transition.

Stephen: So using Trello, like an online task manager, you’re using that a lot to manage Kit and using it in the office now?

Greg: Yeah I use Trello all the in the office. It’s wonderful to manage the staff in the office but it’s great with Kit because I can see where something’s not done, I can actually see where the obstacle is.

Stephen: And as more of a business owner, you’re probably not in there in the grind of things as much. Like how does it helped you with seeing what’s going on with the business now that you’ve got Kit there to report back to you.

Greg: Well one of the things that I use Kit for that probably many people probably wouldn’t use so you guys for. But I find every now and again links on the my website break down or maybe an ad split up that’s not appropriate, you know it might pixelate or, that way it’s now pixelated anymore, but the language might not be right or doesn’t seem to make much sense. So I get Kit to check our website every single week and get her to check our listings and she reports to me and tells me everything’s fine in the website, even the mobile one is working well. The uhm..All the listings look good. She tells me if there’s further out there they didn’t put up appropriately.

She looks at the back end and checks to see whether my staff have actually gotten back to some of the tenants that where interested in a property but haven’t sort of signed a lease or signed into lease yet.

It’s pretty good with that. As far as I’m concern, it’s great in the back end so that we don’t have to a lot of staff doing stuff. Not so much minor stuff but monotonous stuff. She puts tenant information in Inspect Real Estate.Up until we changed programs, she’s been doing the scanning for us which has just been a marvelous assistance.

Stephen: Uh-huh

Greg: And now that we’ve changed programs, we use it to transfer some of the reports that we had in the old program over to the new program. So it sort of like someone working for you in the background all the time and it’s not costing you an arm and a leg.And organize all of that thru not only Trello but Skype or we use Slack too, another program you recommended to us. So we use Slack to communicate with Kit.It’s great.

Stephen: Awesome. Interesting you mentioned there, which is one of the concerns people have with outsourcing is what is the English level like and the written skills? Over here, English is a second language but you’ve got her checking ads and scripts. How have you sort of found that?

Greg: I found her English is better than most of our staff. She’s good at correcting commas where they should be, apostrophes, if they’veget the wrong their by accident. Wonderful.

Stephen: That is the hardest thing, their, there, they’re. I still suffer there myself

Greg:It’s one of the things I find.It’s embarrassing when you have a spelling mistake. It’s embarrassing when you have you know poor English. Not that the staff do it intentionally. Sometimes, it’s just one of those sort of click errors. But it’s great that she checks it. She’s methodical and does a great job.

Stephen: Awesome. Okay cool. And with the staff like trying to get it in place in the first yeah first instance, like I know internal staff can be a little bit hesitant based on them thinking that well like the Australian go, “Well, you’re offshoring our jobs.” and they think that their jobs are not going to be secured, how did you find it initially like you made the decision to get them externally without really letting the staff know and then you put it in place? How did you find their initial reaction and how has it changed now?

Greg:This might surprise you. I actually have a girl on site doing that stuff and whenever she found something wrong, the staff’s almost angry and I was surprised, I couldn’t understand, which is, we’re a team and we’re trying to make things better and when the girl, in-staff sees something wrong, she’s “Oh Look you know yadayadayada.” But with Kit, they’re actually enjoy,Kit finding mistake. Well why they would day, “Ah glad you’ve found that.” It’s a different dynamic.

Stephen: That’s very very weird.

Greg:Yeah. They must prefer having someone overseas checking you know the mechanical stuffs that we do and finding mistakes because it is appreciated in our office. Whereas before the other girl wasn’t very appreciated as much.

Stephen: Maybe that’s because Kit can’t go to staff drinks and they can’t have they’re little womanly bitch sessions

Greg:Well. I don’t know. They can’t sort of like eyeball or run the thing like that. They actually appreciate it for what it is. All we’re trying to do was to make us the team better. We’re trying to catch this things so that we don’t look silly in public’s eyes. At least you know something’s spelt wrongly and they’ll all think that you’re illiterate when that’s not the cut. So that’s good. We use Kit for a lot of other things and probably our biggest journey is working out what we can use for and what we can’t use Kit for. It’s a never ending job for me to go to my staff and say, “What are you doing? What are you doing now?” Just to try and find out, “Oh we can outsource that. We can use the girl overseas.” So at times I think we underutilize Kit and that’s our fault, not something to do with Kit, not something to do with your side.

Stephen: Yeah.

Greg:I think sometimes we try too hard to do some of the easily outsourced work.

Stephen: Do you think that would come down to sort of lack of confidence or it is perfectionism that people won’t let go of tasks there?

Greg:I don’t know I’m sure it all because we have to go and explain to Kit how to do it and it’s easy to do it ourselves than to explain it. But you know it’s not a good philosophy.

In this job, if you’re going to be more and more efficient, you’re gonna have to learn how to delegate. If you can’t learn to delegate, you’re going to be snowed under, always gonna be found wanting.

Stephen: Yeah. The procedures I think, that’s the exact same thing I found when I first did it, you’d go, “Well, it’s too hard to explain, then I’ll do it myself but then you’d find yourself doing it forever. When you could’ve spent a week documenting a procedure, do a little video of it, make sure the understanding’s there and then do that once. Monitor for a little bit, then let that task goes forever. I think that is one of the challenges a lot of offices find or people that are trying to install this, the procedures probably let them down.


Well the lease renewal is wonderful. She creates new leases, types them up for us, makes sure the lease renewals are done at the right time. It’s a great saving for us.

But yeah the staff, took them for ages to get a hit around that someone else could do that not sit in their office.

Stephen: So just sort of one last thing, is there any piece of advise for someone that’s thinking about outsourcing in the future that can see the need for it. Something that you’ve learned along the way that you can pass on?

Greg:Yeah. I’m still learning myself. As far as I’m concerned, we don’t use Kit enough. She’s probably got plenty of quite willing to do the extra work but we just haven’t managed to find that task for her. So the challenge is for me as her boss to find out those task my staff are doing better outsourced.

When I do that, I give a quality of life to my staff that they deserved.

And I don’t think. I think I’m also improving Kit’s life. I have a quality employee, I can get 40 hours of work from her, giving her 30 is sort of denigrating her abilities almost.

Stephen: Well that’s a good piece of advise. So people are probably getting prepared with what you can outsource before getting into it and yeah taking it from there. Alright, well thank you for shooting the shit on Real Estate Outsourcing, Greg. It’s been good to have you here and we’ll talk again soon.

Greg:Good. You’re more than welcome, Stephen.

Stephen: Thanks, mate.

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