Wagga Wagga is the largest regional city in New South Wales with an estimated population of 64,000 people, ranking twenty-eighth amongst the largest cities in Australia. According to the statistics conducted by .idcommunity, between 2011 to 2016, over the expand of 5 years, a staggering rate of 52.4% of the population in Wagga Wagga did not change addresses, whilst a considerable rate of 33.9% moved into the city from elsewhere in Australia --- a proof that this city is a beacon of a place to settle by many. Furthermore, a total of 13,137 people or 56.4% of those who moved within Australia, had chosen to reside within the City of Wagga Wagga. With its close proximity to Sydney and Melbourne, real estate agencies in Wagga Wagga are on a roll, catering services for tenants, landlords, sellers and buyers.

Buy a Property in Wagga Wagga

With all the things the city has to offer, from scenic views and lush magnificent gardens to its abundant cultural heritage and state-of-the-art sporting facilities, any buyer will definitely be smitten and favor purchasing a real estate property in Wagga Wagga.

Lease my Property in Wagga Wagga

According to the latest census of Quickstats Australia, 33.5% of people who live in Wagga Wagga are renting, surpassing the number of people who own their homes outright sitting only at 29.2%, whilst people whose properties are still in mortgage perch at 33.4%. Studies have also shown that 10.2% of private dwellings in Wagga Wagga are unoccupied albeit rental properties in the city averaging at $265 per week. Considering these statistics, if you are amongst that 10.2% of the owners who have real estate properties just sitting on the market, it’s imperative you look for a dependable real estate agency in Wagga Wagga, have your property leased, open your properties to these tenants and earn some extra money without breaking a sweat.

Investment Properties in Wagga Wagga

Investing Real Estate properties in Wagga Wagga has never before been this exciting. With the city geographically located in the middle of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities, businesses and establishments have been springing up like mushrooms after the rain in the past couple of years. Dubbed ninth amongst Australia’s fastest growing inland towns by the .id team, Wagga Wagga offers multitude opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest properties in Wagga Wagga. With the growing number of residents and tourists visiting the city looking for a place to stay, it is undeniably the perfect time for you to get a well-established real estate agency and invest your future in this booming city of Wagga Wagga.

Rent a Property in Wagga Wagga

While many people in Wagga Wagga own their own homes today, this isn’t always the case. There are many reasons as to why a considerable fraction of residents in the city still opted to rent a property through a real estate agency in Wagga Wagga. Renting a property means no repair bills in case general or emergency maintenance arises, lower insurance costs and no big upfront down payment. Getting a fixed lease fee also helps tenants make their budgeting easier.

Sell my Property in Wagga Wagga

If you find yourself feeling cramped in your own home or maybe you're tired of hearing your fifteen-year-old daughter complaining about sharing rooms with her five-year-old little brother, consider selling your property, look for a reliable Real Estate and getting yourself and your family a home that will make everyone comfortable and happy. Data show that 6.3% of people, who moved from overseas to Australia between 2016 and 2018, have decided to live in Wagga Wagga. This figure alone says a lot about the health of real estate and how easy it is for someone to sell a property in Wagga Wagga.

Affluence Score
Lifestyle Score
Convenience Score
Community Score
YEAR House Median Price Unit Median Price
2014 $340,000 $255,000
2015 $345,000 $244,000
2016 $369,000 $248,000
2017 $395,000 $275,000
2018 $401,000 $270,000

5 Reasons People Live in Wagga Wagga

With its rich cultural history and amazing views, it’s no wonder why an estimated 64,000 people have chosen to live in the City of Wagga Wagga. Showcasing stunning botanical gardens, up-to-date sporting facilities and incredible art galleries, tourist and locals alike have endless choices for recreational activities.

Here are 5 Reasons why people live in Wagga Wagga:

#1. A Place for Art and Heritage. Wagga Wagga residents have a profound love for arts and popular for its excellent museums and galleries. The National Art Gallery exhibits an exciting range of talents from incomparable art glass collections to startling paintings from local and in-house artists. Art enthusiasts may also participate in the many activities and events the gallery organizes.

Sports fanatics can also tour The Sporting Hall of Fame in the Museum of the Riverina that houses iconic Australian sporting objects like famous athletes’ uniforms and equipment.

#2. Scenic Locations. Wagga Wagga has an abundance when it comes to panoramic scenery. Wagga Beach, located at the banks of the beautiful Murrumbidgee River, is great for swimming, barbeques and picnics. Albert Lake

On the other hand, Wagga Wagga Botanic Garden offers picturesque views with its delightful gardens, a primordial chapel and a zoo with more than 90 species of animals and birds. The garden has kept visitors coming back since its opening 50 years ago and has come a long way with the addition of the music bowl, adventure playground and a railway station.

#3. City of Sports. Widely recognized as the “City of Good Sports”, Wagga Wagga is the home of many Australian sporting heroes including Mark Taylor, Michael Slater, Joe Williams, Jamie Soward, Paul Kelly, Wayne Carey, Patrick Dwyer, Melanie Twitt and Brad Kahlefeldt. In fact, researchers have come to describe this sporting phenomenon as the “Wagga Effect” due to the fact that a significant number of elite athletes have come from Wagga Wagga. It is said that it could be a result of the availability of first-class sporting facilities to the locals.

Wagga Wagga offers impressive indoor and outdoor sports facilities like the Jubilee Park Sports Complex that hosts hockey, football and rugby, while the Robertson Oval hosts football and cricket. For people who are into water sports, Wagga Wagga houses the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre which boasts features like hydrotherapy pool, turbo pool, 25 meters 10-lane indoor pool and one of Australia’s finest 50 meters 10-lane outdoor FINA Standard pool.

#4. High-quality Education and Learning. With over two dozen primary schools, eight secondary schools and a wide choice of preschools and child care centres, there is no shortage for first-class educational institutions in the Wagga Wagga. Each school aiming to provide the opportunity for students to maximize their full potential.

Various learning facilities, specialized programs, and services attract thousands of student country-wide, as the city empowers young, hungry minds towards academic success.

With the fast-phased technology and developing learning methods, Wagga Wagga highly believes that sustainability is considered as an important aspect in all studies. In the center of thousands of curriculums that is thought in the city, the city aims to provide teachers and schools with all assistance in delivering sustainable education through school’s Sustainability Sessions program.

#5. Roaring Work Industry. Wagga Wagga’s Economic portfolio and city-wide employment statistic is equally remarkable as the aforementioned highlights of reasons people live in this magnificent city. Whether you are after Education, leisure, or employment, you will never run out of reasons to stay.

The main industry sectors employing residents of Wagga Wagga are hospitals, higher education, social assistance services, secondary education, and defence. The number of employed people in Wagga Wagga City increased by 1,177 between 2011 and 2016. In the same period, the number of people in the labour force showed an increase of 3.2%.

Best Coffee Shop in Wagga Wagga

Indulge in an over-the-top experience when you sip your first cup of coffee at The Blessed Beans, located at 10 Best Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650.

No better way to jump-start your day with their delectable coffee blends and, if the aroma does not give you a boost, the smiles and welcoming environment will keep you coming back for more.

The Café believes in the power of books, small conversations, loud laughs, all the while having to share a hot cup with your family and friends.

Best Restaurant in Wagga Wagga

Even weekend mornings gets ridiculously busy here, just to get a taste of this exquisite modern Australian dishes with international influences in the middle of the city.

Located at 82 Tarcutta St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia, The Roundabout Restaurant is a combination of both flavours of class and the region’s finest produce, offered in a hot plate that you can combine with a range of local and international beers, wines and spirits.

Cuisines such as Seared Atlantic Salmon and Rendered Lamb Loin are just one of the many reasons why people from all over the country visit the restaurant but amongst all others. It’s the warm atmosphere and hospitable staff that makes this establishment deep in the heart of Wagga Wagga stands out among the rest.

Best Pub in Wagga Wagga

Whether you are waiting for a football match, just chilling after a long day of work, or planning on having the ultimate party of a lifetime till the wee hours with your blokes, William Farrer Hotel should be the first thing that pops up to your head. Located at Corner Edward and Peter Streets, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. William Farrer Hotel is complete with the Farrer Grill House, which offers a ridiculously good meal in enormous serving, while the latest and greatest music takes you away on their upstairs nightclub.

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