Your Real Estate Website is Your Virtual Shop Front

The traditional Real Estate Office is no longer your shopfront unlesses it is for the weekend browsers or tenants. Building a website is not just about having something that looks pretty for people to look at. A Website needs to display and represent your brand and your position in the market, if you are charging high fees and your website does not reflect that your market will be confused. The exact same will happen the other way around if you are a low cost option and your website looks premium your next client will bounce. First impressions count make sure your website represents your company and its position in the marketplace keeping in mind that more people are likely to find your virtual shop front rather than your physical one.

How will your Website be found on Google?

The interesting thing about a website is there is no purpose for it if no one knows what it is. Now you can hand out a business card with your website url however that is not really the purpose. If you are handing to them they already know who you are and may be likely to use your company anyaways. Being found means to be found by potential people looking to sell or who have investment properties that need them leased and managed? So the big question is how are these people going to find your website that you have spent big dollars on? If it is not optimised to be found the answer is it will not. Now there are some certain things that your next customer may typ into a search engine to find what they are looking for? Let's think hmm maybe Real Estate Agent (Your Suburb), sell my home (your suburb) or maybe even Property MAnager (your Suburb). You get the point. How to you make your fancy website rank on first page for these terem?

How will your Website Generate Leads?

When a visitor finds your real estate website it may be through a variety of methods whether it was direct or through some other medium. The big thing you you need to think about is what is the return on investment? Are you converting your website visitors into customers where your business generates revenue? If they visit however you do not have a goal that you wish to achieve that ends up with the visitor forfeiting their details and intentions than what is the point? You need to have a website where you have mini goals and major goals where you end up with their details and exactly what they are looking to do at that point of their life. If a user takes a certain action on your website how do you know? We have ways of tracking and measuring what works and what does not. Buyers on your website also have a property to sell however you need to know how to get that out of them by having a goal that suits their plan at that time.

Is your Website Facebook and Google Ad Friendly

When it comes to creating a website the typical web designer is the creative however generally do not think about the functions and structure. This then makes it harder for the Web Developer to code the site in a way that will be Facebook and Google ad friendly. Facebook, in particular, will be the biggest marketing tool in your business when embarrassed property. With Facebook Business you can break down all the traffic on your website into Mirco Segments so that you can directly target them. Let's take one offline method of generating more listings and management. Your Real Estate Signage with a big sold or leased sticker. If your signs are everywhere then your phone will ring. What if a seller found your website and wanted to check out Sold Prices in their area on your website. If the website is set up in an ad-friendly way you will be able to show your sold sign to them in their Facebook newsfeed. So if they see it offline and online are they not more likely to take action. This is one very small example. If your website is set up correctly you will ramp up your incoming business online in a matter of weeks!

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